Meeting Minutes

Pine Valley HOA meeting on 24 April 2016 came to order at 2:12 pm.

A quorum was reached through Philip Jolas, Nicole Berry, and Philip acting as Bianca Braiotta’s proxy. DeLynn Berry was also present (and is the community Webmaster).

  1. Reading the Minutes of the previous meeting [and their approval]
    1. Minutes were approved.
  2. Reports of Boards and Standing Committees
    1. Treasurer report: 
      1. $3038.41 – current balance
      2. 24% contributing to HOA
  3. Reports of Special (Select) Committees
    1. N/A
  4. Special Orders (special items of business)
    1. While discussing HOA due collection, DeLynn mentioned credit card payment options or subscription options to simplify member payments. DeLynn will look into permitting credit card payments and subscription services. 
    2. Bianca will compare banking options for credit card acceptance, savings accounts, and checking accounts.
    3. All Board Members need to raise awareness of the need for additional HOA Board officers. Philip will be dropping the presidency at a later point this year. Also, we may possibly add Members at Large to encourage additional participation.
  5. Unfinished Business and General Orders (common business items: next HOA meeting, picnic info, Spring cleanup, directory, phone system…)
    1. All Board Members will determine new date for HOA Meeting. May 15th was offered.
    2. All Board Members will determine new date for picnic. August 7th was suggested.
    3. All Board Members will determine the Spring Cleanup (bush trimming, rubbish pickup, possibly remove the junipers) for the entry points into the community. May 29th was recommended.
      1. Brett will be consulted for both the current and new residents of the recently sold home on the corner of Xenia and Chenango for permission to cleanup the area.
      2. Nicole will contact Tagawa gardeners and seek recommendations (ask about effects of juniper on soil and replacement–soil nutrients, extensive root system, distance from trunk location).
    4. Nicole will add the fact that food will be present at HOA Board Meetings to encourage participation.
      1. Nicole will work on improving communications of HOA events.
      2. Nicole will get the block captain list from either Geno Braiotta or Brett Zuckerman to create a separate communication list on
    5. Collection of HOA dues was discussed further, as it impacts cleanup efforts, the phone system, the directory, the picnic, and future events.
  6. New Business
    1. Philip attended the informational Councilwoman Kendra Black’s “Annual Neighborhood Presidents’ Dinner.”
      1. New Neighborhood Watch contact: Mike Borquez (cell) 303.505.5471 and 720.913.1183 (desk), (to be passed onto Brett).
      2. Not going to be funding any of the HOA picnics during “Denver Days” (July 30 – Aug 7) due to budget constraints. In the past, “Denver Days” grant monies and easy permit allocations determined the timeframe of our picnics.
      3. Maintenance of the fence area was brought up by Philip and they will look into it.
    2. Nicole brought information on the Japanese Beetle and Ash Borer for Website.
      1. Nicole will scan the documents and send them to DeLynn for posting.