Hello, this a friendly message from your neighbors David & Cheri Timmons at 8564 E. Saratoga Pl.


We would like to make everyone aware of a coyote attack that took place on the morning of July 3rd. The coyote jumped into our back yard (which is surrounded by a 6′ privacy fence) around 6:30 am and killed our two small dogs–Sophie and Zoe. As you can imagine, this was a real traumatic event for our family!

We are very concerned with the possibility that coyotes will attack other small pets, and potentially even toddlers. We decided to share our story and be the point of contact for others to tell stories of sightings or encounters they have had with coyotes in our neighborhood. If you have a story to tell, please use the form below. Your story will be sent to use via email, and our plan is to contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife to keep them apprised of the coyote activity in Pine Valley.

Thank you very much for reading our story and for helping to keep Pine Valley safe.

David & Cheri Timmons