Next Meeting, HVAC Offer, Marina Square Closing, and Visioning Town Hall Announcement

As mentioned in a previous call, tomorrow is the next HOA Meeting. We will be discussing the updated phone directory and would be delighted if you can attend. It will be held at my place 8635 E. Bellewood Pl. at 10 am. 

The Denver Environmental Health and the Energy Efficiency Business Coalition launched a limited-time offer to make it easier and more affordable for Denver residents to upgrade to energy efficient furnaces and/or AC units for 15% less until November 1st.  Visit or call Rheem Pro Partners at 720.204.3403 for more information.

Philip Jolas notified that there are plans to close the Marina Square shopping center as soon as the leases expire and apartments are anticipated to replace the businesses. He recommended contacting Councilwoman Kendra Black to express your views.

Also, Councilwoman Black is hosting Visioning Town Halls to discuss ideas within our communities. The next two occur on Tuesday, Sept 20, from 6-7:30 pm or Saturday, Sept 24, 12:30-2:00 pm. Both meetings are at Thomas Jefferson High School at 3950 S. Holly St. A visioning survey has been created that you complete on her website.

On a final note, Councilwoman Black’s website offers a number of community events, including an interactive art project, senior-related talks, a housing and financing fair’s information, and Denveright community workshops (discussing Denver’s development). Check it out!

Thank you and have a lovely evening.