Snow Removal and Spring Entrance Sprucing Up

First and foremost, thank you to all neighbors for your hard work shoveling sidewalks, especially with this most recent storm. There are a few Pine Valley residents, however, that still need to get their sidewalks cleared sooner, according to several complaints received by your HOA Board. Please remember that we have many people using our sidewalks daily, such as mothers with babies, errand runners to King Soopers, light rail commuters walking to the station, and those walking their dogs. All need clear passage and promptly-cleared sidewalks, per the City of Denver ordinance. If clearing your sidewalk is difficult for you, ask a neighbor for help or get assistance in getting a snow removal services.

Additionally, spring will be here shortly. Your HOA Board will be setting up a date to spruce up the entrances to Pine Valley. Stay tuned for an announcement next month for the date and time when we can get together to prune and clean the two entrances off of Yosemite and make our neighborhood look welcoming. If you have gardening talents or are just civic-minded, this will be your chance to help!

Thank you for all that you do in making Pine Valley such a great place to live!