Safety Notification

Two days ago a white van with a teenager and an older man were in our neighborhood knocking on doors asking to come in to demonstrate a household cleaning product. It was a scam and they were checking out homes for burglary. Someone in Pine Valley got suspicious and notified the police. The two were arrested later that day for outstanding warrants they had.

Our local police offer helpful recommendations for similar situations. Sometimes crews like this will use a young person or a woman to first ring your doorbell, since they will seem less threatening. Then after they have made contact with you, others may come to your door to try to get in. Police advise residents that you SHOULD respond when someone rings your doorbell. Otherwise, a thief may assume you are NOT HOME and may try to break in, thinking your house is empty. However, Police also advise that you do not need to open your door if someone comes to your door, just turn on a porch light, yell out “NO THANK YOU” or if you have a metal security door, open your wood door but not the security door. That way a possible thief knows you are there, and they will move on looking for a different home that is not occupied.

Also, be careful not to leave your garage doors open, this invites thieves as well.

Please keep in mind that our neighborhood is not a bad one–in fact we have less crime than most. However, this kind of thing does happen and we wanted everyone to be alerted to the incident.

We will have Pine Valley block meetings of the Neighborhood Watches starting soon. So neighbors, if you hear or see something suspicious, notify the police. If you are aware of any incidents, share them with your PV homeowners’ President, Philip Jolas at 303-770-1589, and he will pass the information on to the rest of Pine Valley.